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A word used to describe cannabis buds that are above average quality but not quite the best. Baby dro is in between "mids" and "dank" weed.
When you're tired of smokin' that swag lemmi know; I'll get you some baby dro.
by headful April 17, 2011
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One of the finest herbs known to man...can be found in the forrests of mexico or in dan chavezs closet....has a distinct smell of freshly cut grass but will leave who ever smokes in with the best high in the world almost as if they had just smoked resin from dandy.....the babydro has brown hairs covering it making the THC level very high
Damn, chavez has some nice baby-dro!
by Johnathon Unmberllo August 18, 2006
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some of the dankist bud on the earth. one hit will fuck you up for hours. usually a light tannish color. very condensed. .5 grams, 20 bones
Chad: yo what you doin tonight?
Mike: yo i got this dank ass weed dawg, this is some bum ass shit called baby dro son!
by Peter B. Stiff January 26, 2009
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