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a term used to describe the action of eating baby corn, taking a pointy shit with it, freezing it for 24 hours, then using said frozen baby corn shit to penetrate someone through any of the various body cavities, preferebly ones mouth so they too can taste the deliciousness of the baby corn.
Truman: let's go base jumping off mt. vesuvius.

Adam: no thanks, i'm busy baby corning your mom.
Truman: DAFUQ?
by mlgproNOSCRUBZnoscopecumshot36 February 12, 2012
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When someone takes a a selfie with a small dick, with a ridiculous look on their face.
"Hey Natalie!"
"Uhm like what?"
"Did you see Alex Rowland babycorning in that picture?"
"L.o.l. No! Let me see! OMG it's so tiny!"
by Harold Schmidt March 29, 2015
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