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The act of repeatedly whispering a word or series of words into a the ears of a small child preferably between the ages of 1 and 1 and a half. One can tell it is working when the child has a blank stare on his face - his eyes are peering off into the distance not really focused on any particular thing and his mouth is open slightly as if he is about to drool. Particularly useful if one seeks to one-day rule the world.

Can be performed on both males and females, though females tend to be more susceptible to the brainwashing.
Hey Manny why does Isabella have that blank stare on her face, and why is her mouth open slightly as if she's about to drool? Oh wait... dude Rafael is brainwashing your baby!

I will implement the technique of baby brainwashing to one day rule the world!
by Leafarzarian June 25, 2009
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