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A fucking idiot member of the baby boomer generation who believes:
1. We really landed on the moon
2. Lawyers, legislation, and scummy, corruptible politicians are actual solutions to the worlds problems.
3. Technology and information are ruining human kind.
4. YouTube is Satanic
5. Communist revolutions fund themselves and capitalist bankers had nothing to do with them.
6. Pensions are really backed by the U.S. government (which has to be legislated out of bankruptcy on an almost monthly basis)
7. Christianity is great, Judaism is so-so, but Islam is pure evil. (Even though they are all the religions of Abraham and believe in the same God)
This fucking idiot baby boomtard actually believes that legislation can keep the sun from melting frozen water. What an absolute moron!
by Chris the painter May 15, 2018
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