n. the layer of excess new humanity threatening to consume the earth's resources.
All these people twinsing and tripleting are creating a baby blanket that will cover the earth in spit-up and used diapers.
by gnostic1 April 09, 2011
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Cum stains, left either on a blanket or really on any type of bedding or sleeping arrangement.
Hey man, hand me a blanket...and NOT the one covered in your blanket babies.
by FizzyDrizzy August 06, 2011
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One conceived by a “lady of the night” sliding across a sheet that still had cum on it
I never wanted you! You are a blanket baby! Ancestry.com has you as 86% cotton and 2% polyester.
by Hela Armon April 08, 2019
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The piece of clothing used to clean up cum after masturbating. example sock, tee shirt, old towel.
As i laid in bed masturbating i grabbed the baby blanket to cum in. After i came i cleaned up with the baby blanket and threw it in the laundry basket.
by GwarMachine March 05, 2020
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An emotion of when you want to let go or forget something/someone but you don’t want to and it’s never going to stop being a memorable part of your life
I have baby blanket feelings about my ex best friend Louisa
by happilysadperson April 15, 2020
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