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A girl that got famous from lip syncing,she’s really sweet but can definitely get annoying. She’s loving to all of her fans.
Yup,that’s Baby Ariel
by HeybroIknow May 15, 2018
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Famous from nothing,, a lipsync app. She is good at I admit. But she's pretty and ugly and people seem to love her so, whatever.
Jansen:Have you seen the new most liked video on yet? It's of babyariel smoking vapor and it got 7.3 million hearts!
Taigan: *Facepalm* what happened to the world?
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Best known on musically and YouTube .She is a sweet girl and she is a singer with 1 hit single "Aww". She is kind and very optimistic
Guy1: Have you seen Baby Ariel new song . I wish I was on a date with her and she sang this song to me
by Savage Wonder Woman May 22, 2018
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