I sexy hot human who is praised by all and everyone wants to be them. They also are involved in the religion of babe and believe in the lord and savior “PAPA”
Sean White, Austin White, Isaac White, Nick Becker, and Ryan Becker are babes.
by Whitey39 November 16, 2020
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Alternative form of babe or baby.
"Babes, I cheated on you again. Sorry... I guess."
"Hey, Babes... Mind ifI check on your latest WhatsApp convo's?"

"Yeah, Yeah Babes... She's just an acquaintance. I'm single, y'know."
by ReddyFromTheBlock August 23, 2018
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A lot of people consider babe as a sexual term but why is buddy not a sexual term when it is the same thing. Like this so more people can see this and normalize babe as a regular term and say it like people say buddy.
Ok babe - to ur friend. Yes babe lets go - to ur friend
by saucegod ez June 25, 2021
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A language in which you use the words such as "babe", "baber", "shmabe", and "little one" in place of other words, sometimes only very little but sometimes the whole sentence. This was originated from the littlebabygirl, who originated from the littlebabygod. The words can also be used for the different species of humans. Like babes, babers, shmabes, little ones, persons, etc.
"Hey baber! Can you please babe the shmabe for me? It would be a big baber and I would give you some babes."
by LITTLEBABYGOD September 08, 2020
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