A hip way to state babe or baby, especially from a younger hot man to an older hot woman~ she bites her tongue in wonder of whether she should go for it or not though he is just as ready for her as she represents class & experience he is craving that equals to more than one babe therefore babes. Mostly foreign, exotic way to show affection in the modern age without defining age limits. A way to call her a smarter babe.
Okay, babes. Have a great day. Very happy for you.

See you later on babes.
by SoaringSonia May 16, 2018
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A very desbarate scary person who may or may not love you
Person 1:hey babe
by Dissguybebanging December 31, 2017
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A female Japanese pop duo that debuted in February 1987 with their single "Give Me Up". Composed of Tomoko Kondo and Yukari Nikaido, they were one of the most popular Japanese music acts unitl Wink debuted in 1988. They disbanded in the late 1980s.
One of BaBe's biggest hits was "I Don't Know".
by skyclaw441 December 22, 2006
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A word that a James would use in some kind of pick up line.
You know what else is a babe? Slathering your dog in butter and having it slide across your kitchen floor like a slug.
by Youf April 02, 2020
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