A variation of the term of endearment "babe", only is said to those who they don't find sexually attractive or datable enough to leave off the "s". When someone refers to you as babes, you are clearly in the friend zone and will never be out.
To a hot girl: "Sure babe, I'm down for whatever you want."

To a not girl: "Sure babes, thanks for letting me borrow your notes."
by Chuckles45 April 02, 2011
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v. When you whine to your significant other by saying "babe" in a prolonged and annoying fashion.
Don't Babe me! You are cruisin' for a bruisin!
by cenarious May 19, 2008
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1. Term used to describe a good looking woman, usually by men with a rather small IQ;
2. The title of a 1995 movie in which the main character was a talking pig with the same name.

Connect the two above and you get the amount of respect most guys have for women.
1. - Dude, check out the blond babe!
2 Babe: - This is ridiculous, Mom!
Fly: - Nonsense, it's only your first try. But you're treating them like equals. They're sheep, they're inferior.
Babe: - Oh, no they're not.
Fly: - Of course they are. We are their masters, Babe. Let them doubt it for a second and they'll walk all over you. (source: IMDB)
by Alinutza March 21, 2008
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Babe- noun: If a girl has a babe, she has a girlfriend. Not a lezzi bezz, a proper girlfriend.
Santana and britney were lezzie bezzies, until suntan realised she wanted Britney to be her babe.
by theheartattack November 03, 2011
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A girl you want to hit. Someone you wanna fuck and keep for yourself
Babe, you ready?

Babe, this pussy tight.
by Zaddy+++ February 24, 2019
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