A term for your gf it annoys tf out of them at first but it grows on and you always love calling your girl babes
Hey babes

Shut tf up Johnny

2 mo later

Hey babes

Hey babes
by Willy jauch November 13, 2019
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1) A (usually female) person who one would find sexually attractive.
2) A term you would use on someone after not speaking for several months
"Hey Babes xx" The boy texted three months after the party
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A sarcastic term of endearment or a general exclamation similar to "DUDE!"
Alright babes? What's the haps.

Babes! He well kicked your arse there didn't he?
by kernkraft88 September 27, 2007
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A word that people (usually girls) use in order to indicate that they are vapid, shallow and most likely unintelligent. It serves as a handy indicator that you shouldn't bother getting to know them because you won't enjoy their company.

It has no literal meaning. Instead it's just tacked on the end of a sentence to make it sound more familiar, similar to 'mate' or 'dude', except completely stupid.

When confronted with someone who uses the word 'babes', be sure to end the conversation quickly because talking to the person in question for too long will probably leave you feeling like you've had a head injury
Me: It's nice to meet you.
Girl: Nice to meet you too, babes!
Me: Hmmm, on second thoughts I don't want to talk to you.
by TheDude765123 August 10, 2012
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In porn, a woman with an unusually perfect physique. Usually a busty, hard body, voluptuous teen with a good tan and a pretty face. Suggests slight submissiveness, and fertility.
I need a girlfriend who is a babe, so I can rest my head on her pillowy tits while I pound away. And later, she can make me dinner.
by andre jensen November 02, 2017
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a tan silky smooth goddess with a fat ass and nice tits. She probably hates the way she looks
Guy: wow look at Taylor!! She's a babe
by Zaiah November 29, 2015
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