A b meme is when you put your private parts in a flower before a bee pollinates it
Person 1: where Is jon doe
Person 2: he is doing a b meme
Person 1: eww i pray for that poor flower
Person 2: yeah the bee will be scared too
by Brownsock69 December 29, 2020
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Memes that typically originate on 4chan. These memes were originally used for trolling until they were spread by trolls to other popular internet sites, such as Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, etc.
roflcopter501: lololololol so i herd u dont liek mudkipz
Haxxed1337: Don't spread /b/lood memes if you don't know what they mean, newfag
roflcopter501: dewd, wut taht?

Eric141: Why did you rate my video down?
Chris666: Sorry, I don't support the 4chan /b/lood meme trade...
by Explosivechicken. July 21, 2010
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