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The Queensbridge housing projects of Europe. Located in east walworth "the estates" is the biggest housing project in europe with 10,000 residents, it's not fun to live in, heat went off constantly, rats acted as if they payed rent in the house too, and there were huge holes in the walls. It's the most notorious estate in the UK (yes more notorious than angell town) and tony blair did his speech their once......not much changed.

The bill (cop show) filmed there ALOT i don't know if they still do, because of how it looked, but they are knocking it down soon and gentrifying, oh sorry i mean "regenerating" the area and it's gonna take about 15 years in all...... my old block is last to get knocked down, lots of basketball courts tho.
brixton dude:"where you from bruh? I'm straight from the hood! i'm from the streets son!"
Me: aylesbury estates fam.
Brixton dude: Oh i'm so sorry! are you ok? you must be starving! did you have to fight the rats to get out and visit us?
Me: yeah it was a hell of a fight fam, but i got a wicked jump shot now!
by aylesbury nigga January 30, 2009
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