a scottish word used for hundreds of years and is popular with scottish/non scottish people.
Big man:Are you ok?
Wee man:Noh but I would of said aye before I seen your ugly face!

p.s. Do not try to say aye if-
1-Your accent is WRONG
2-Only say aye to people you know or to an audience
3-Say aye to people who cant pronounce it!
by noh you anywi August 05, 2005
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New zealand way of saying excuse me? What? Or pardon
Aye wots dat?
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
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Shortened form of the naval phrase "aye aye." Usually used in operations to speed communications.
Officer of the Deck: "Helm, make your course 149."
Helmsman: "Making course 149, aye."
by MaddogS September 30, 2003
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When you dont quiet understand what they are saying or what the question is
John: oi old mate pass me the side cutters. Jimmy: Aye?
by July 01, 2017
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