an uncomfertable or strainge moment in a scocal situation resulting from the meating of sketch and prude. the balence between the two contrasting partys creates the awkard fealing. in any awkard situation you should be able to identify the sketch and the prude.
when the forigin extange student walkied in on the two girls changing and just stood there, it was such an awkward situation. he was the sketch for being there and not leaving, and they were the prudes because they were uncomfterable about being naked.
by jeszett May 29, 2006
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Standing in an elevator alone with a naked old man, impatiently waiting to get to your floor which, of course, has to be at the top floor. Suddenly seconds extend to minutes, minutes to hours.
*Long, awkward silence*

Naked old man: *cough cough HHACCKK!!*

You: ....
by bubbleygarl March 23, 2011
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The feeling you get when you see a one-night-stand a few days later, in a very public place.
dude.. i totally saw that guy this morning on the way to class that i hooked up with at that party. it was sooo awkward. .
by babbyyyB April 15, 2009
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An atmosphere that is so tense and embarrasing u feel like u might die
A dude was pashing his gf and then his gf's mother walked in...AWKWARD..........
by FucktardedScarecrow April 24, 2009
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Not awkward.

A word used by people- mainly high school trend followers- to describe anything, anywhere, at any time, when no other words enter the brain.

Awkward used to be a word people used to describe a time when tension fills the air, eye contact is made and broken, and an uncomfortable mood sets in.
More likely than not, the case in question was not in any way awkward.
Girl: ...And then the doctor told me it was broken and I'd have to get a cast.

High school trend follower: Awkward!
by Defining Your World January 28, 2012
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1. Lacking grace or elegance; clumsy
2.Used express anything is uncomfortable or disagreeable
1. Steve thinks my prose is awkward and unrefined.
2. I saw Steve at the mall yesterday. Awkward!
by SN Nieves February 01, 2011
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A person that is or was homeschooled.
persong 1: "why can't jerry get a girlfriend?"
person 2: "he is an awkward"
person 1: "ohh, that makes sense."
by littleleahh March 18, 2010
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