A word used to describe things that are better than good, and more enjoyable than amazing. This term was coined quite a long time ago in order to describe the pure amazingness associated with two very important characters in history, Samuel Dunn and Stephen Vance.
"woah did that barn just give birth to a unicorn? awesome"

Dude 1:"Chuck Norris"

Dude 2: "awesome"
by FearThinePanda December 01, 2011
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awesome definition


Great!; Excellent! (Usually Awesome! Standard English, but used often in slang.) : You own that gorgeous hog? Awesome!


impressive. : That thing is so awesome!
Kirsten Honeywill and Jessica Walshe are awesome
by astroboy123 August 05, 2011
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The origin of "awesome" was "something that inspires awe". Today the word has evolved to common slang. The original meaning has become somewhat forgotten; the idea of something being awe-inspiring is now shortened to it just being "awesome".
ie: He had the awesome idea of getting the family together for a much needed road trip.

ie: The Grand Canyon is an awesome sight!

ie: This song is awesome, I am buying it today.
by intuitself November 20, 2012
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a word that is over used. People use it to describe dumb things. Not often lived up to epic proportions
Dude: That shirt is so awesome
Dude #2: Dude, you should learn the definition of awesome
by Interwebs Master July 08, 2012
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the result of the conversational interaction of jeremy and crystal. jeremy who is also funny and crystal who is pretty (as she is being chased by millions of pot smoking poets) become "pretty funny" when taking together.
Wow, this room is full of awesome, jeremy and crystal are pretty funny.
by batmaniseverywhere March 06, 2008
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