Just like a French kiss...but down unda!
Drew started by French kissing Macy, but soon got frisky and worked his way down to an Australian kiss.
by gbrowne March 01, 2008
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Same as a french kiss except its down under.

Some dumb twit wrote this as a definition of an american kiss instead of australian... I wonder why he thinks "down under" is in the north... lol
If you know what a french kiss is and you know what "down under" means, you'll know what an australian kiss is. Get it?
by Ultra Anno March 13, 2007
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all of the definitions weren't quite accurate. i learned how to give one by an aussie lass in sydney! what it actually is a french kiss in the "outback" down under!
if it's cute,it is pprobablysweeter than ssaccharinat a drug store sale. JAH know my star's is.my girl requires at least one australian kiss a day. i need to give her at least two!
by magadog November 22, 2009
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Not a blowjob. Not at all. It's like a French kiss, but "down under." The entire point of the word is that it's a euphemism for cunnilingus, not fellatio.
Did you see that they used "Australian kiss" as a word during the "Cunning Linguistics" game on On The Spot?

No I didn't. I DID, however, see that they used "an Australian kiss." It sucks that some idiot submitted THE WRONG DEFINITION under a slightly different name, seeing as how the name of the game is a pun on the word "cunnilingus."
by TheHundredthBooker December 17, 2016
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(also Aussie kiss,) v.t., v.i. Colloquial - similar to a French kiss, but Downunder
Is started getting heavy when he started Australian kissing her.
by Lil 'Laurry June 19, 2004
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Giving a girl oral sex. Like a French Kiss, but down under.
My girlfriend always keeps herself nicely shaved... probably cause she likes my Australian Kisses.
by gvillezack August 19, 2007
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