"Worse then "ur sister a mister
Use only if your lose depend on it
Criss: ur mom gay
Steven: ur sister a mister
Criss: your aunt a cunt

Steven burns to ashe and criss is the king of the world
by Blessed light March 29, 2018
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Bob:ur mum gay
Joe:ur dad lesbian
Jimbo:ur granny tranny
Joe:ur grandpap a trap
Mary Poppin:ur sister a mister
Guy:ur brother a mother
You:Ur aunt a gay croissant
*everyone else dies*
by Daboder2 May 25, 2018
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Better than all the “ur” jokes before it, the epitome of mankind’s insults . Beats even the infamousur family tree LGBT” and “ur brother mother”.
Shane : ur mum gay
*pause and gasp from friends*
Chad: ur aunt Bertha likes my girther

*stalin comes back from the dead, hitler decides not to invade Poland , Shane is vitrified by Gordon Ramsay’s godlike cumshot and breaks into infinite pieces*
by LORDBACON88 March 26, 2018
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jim: ur mom gay
bob: ur daddy lesbian
jim: ur granny tranny
bob: ur grandpa a trap
jim: ur aunt bi

*bob explodes and dies*
by ur_aunt_bi March 14, 2018
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The only thing worse than ur mom gay, ur granny tranny, ur dad lesbian and ur grandpa tranvestite combined.
Everytime it's used, a galaxy explodes.
Alex - ur mom gay
Richard - ur aunt cunt
by hi my name is michael March 14, 2018
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Me: Ur Aunt Cunt
Them: Universe implodes, hell is earth, and heaven disentigrates.
by Mechv1 March 25, 2018
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