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There are very few people on this world named this, some may think they are the only person in the world that is named this, it is a mystery nobody knows, some believe there is only one Auheen in the world, but no one knows where he or she is. Auheen has all the qualities every piece of person has, but takes time to develop those qualities by the time they hit puberty and lose their virginity, by the time Auheen is an adult, he is sexy, handsome, beautiful, and can get a lot of girls. But not only that he is very talented, smart, intelligent, athletic, and most of all, he is very unpredictable, everyone underestimates Auheen, but little do they know that Auheen is the godfather of everyone and has all the qualities of a human being. He is known to be a person that either takes risks, or does not.
Person 1: Hey do you know a person named Auheen?
Person 2: What the heck is an Auheen?
Person 1: some say Auheen is a multicultural name
Person 1: Auheen can get girls too.
Person 1: The average age Auheen loses his virginity is age 12
Person 1: Auheen will always be born on April, because he is as rare as the Easter Bunny.
Person 2: Wow! I'm changing my name to Auheen!
Person 1: you are not a true Auheen if you change your name to Auheen.
by MysteryMan482005 June 18, 2018
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In the beginning he is an annoying fuck and can be sometimes, like he will ducking ruin your life he's such an annoying motherfucker. But if you get to know him he's really nice and supporting.
You are one auheen bra!
by sallyslug101 April 25, 2017
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