A hoe who needs to have everyone's attention to feel special. An actual whore. Has a pick me type beat.
Hey everyone! Look at me! Talk to me because im an attention-whore and cant do anything without other people watching me!
by IG : sprvngs November 11, 2020
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Attention whore,

An attention whore is someone whom is ENTITLED AF, who craves nothing but attention, someone whom is conceited and is right about everything.

Someone who fakes an injury just to be in the spotlight, who exaggerates things to stupid extents.
Please, be aware, abort mission, if you come in contact with an attention-whore.
Person 1 "Damn Mandi, you're such an attention whore!"
Person 2 "Not me, I'm just the queen bee! I just crave attention from everyone because I'm top shit!"
Person 1 "Yikes...yep... definitely an attention-whore."
by xx.a.clinton.xx November 30, 2019
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Someone who will do anything for attention, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative
by Ashtonxx June 15, 2021
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it is EMILY TONG she always needs to be around guys and has to be centre of attention, acts dumb and clumsy and cute. "guys should i flash my underwear?" "is my dress too short"

synonyms: attention seeker, centre attention
1. "omg stop being such an attention whore"
by tdryfthgjhklk; March 12, 2019
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this ugly girl in my class called patricia
Patricia if you're reading this

eat a pussy

last week Patricia was an attention whore hold on that's every week
by ireawq January 5, 2019
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