One who will go to extremes for attention, or one who seeks attention a lot.

The biggest attention-whore would probably be a girl named Désiré or Jessica.
Girl1: She's posting half naked pics on facebook again.
Girl2: Ugh she's always such an attention-whore. She has no morals.
by DashSlasher April 30, 2013
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a bitch who often makes everything dramatic. She will try to gain sympathy and/or try to get everyone against you by exaggeratng a situation or placing false rumors. She also tries to act innocent and be the victim to make you look like the worst person in the world.

They're usually preppy whores that need to get fucked up.
note this things in an attention whore:
1) Make everything dramatic
2) Will do anything to get sympathy or attention.
3) Usually hooks up with her best guy friend all the time the cry on how it's complicated.
4) Wears a lot of glitter

5) She will be friends with people that bully you
6) In the end people just use her for their satisfaction
7) Have a rude overweight friend who gets in your business because her friend has an obsession with her
8) their names usually start with "k"

Stay away from these people.
lol Look at a wall, it has more original personality and they won't turn on you one day.
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One who craves attention, and will do each and every possible minute/subtle thing in order to catch someone's attention.
These women, Attention Whores, may: Post pictures of themselves with a guitar they have no clue how to play on their Myspace/Facebook site. Hangs with fat and uninteresting friends to stand out to guys. Joins every Facebook group ever created. Dates an army guy she will never end up with just for the story.
by /\/\ale January 23, 2007
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A person who will do everything/anything to get attention. This is used as a negative comment.
Lisa yelling: "OMG! I just won it..."

Justin whispering to Pete: "Geeh.. she's such an attentionwhore... always craving for attention.."

Lisa: "Justin, Pete! Look what I won by just walking into the shop!"
by Libidinous265 February 01, 2011
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The worst possible manifestation of extroverted human beings.

A euphemism for someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder.
Someone who is tormented by the idea that they may not be the center of attention.
name is such an attention whore.
by MinisterE May 18, 2015
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A tool who will do anything for attention. They try to invade the lives of passersby and other non-interested parties who are trying to live their own lives. Extremely insecure, the attention whore didn't get enough attention from their mommy while growing up. They try to compensate for the lack by forcing their presence onto others because they are too dimwitted to find a healthier way to cope or mature. Probably illiterate.
I wish I could tell that attention whore Harley/Rice rocket rider/biker that he should go cry to his mommy instead of rev his engine at top noise level 20 feet from my lunch table.
by motorbikersaretools May 02, 2010
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A girl or boy (mostly girl) that craves attention so bad that they'll go to the largest extent to get it..
They'll find anything or anyplace full of people that will give them the attention they want because they just can't stand not being the center of attention..
They feel that the world revolves around them and they think everyone else should know..
One of the main places you can find attention whores are at places where they're the only sex in a certain place..
Only idiots and scum don't realize their true being..
Halo Online

Attention Whore: Hey guys!!!! I suck at Halo!! Can you help me??
Halo Nerds: Oh shit!! A girl!! Aw man.. I think I'm getting a woody.. Yeah, Baby, we'll help ya!! Maybe we can party up after!!
Attention Whore: Yay!! You guys are the awesomest!! By the way, I'm a super hott cheerleader!!
Halo Ners: NO WAY!!
by You Will Never Know =] August 17, 2009
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