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n aging hipster in Athens, Georgia. Stylistically ahead of the curve, these are creative people who were hot 15 years ago, but are unfortunately stuck. Alchoholism and drug addiction is thought to be the primary stumbling block to the success of this otherwise friendly species. There is also the problem of big fish/small pond syndrome. The male townies are responsible for having brought trucker hats and mechanics shirts to the fashion forefront as early as 1990. Most townies are in a band, in a pretend band, or dating someone in a band or pretend band. They wear thrift store clothes and ride bicycles or crappy cars. All in all, they consume very little new goods, making them harmless to the environment. Typical townie occupations consist of working at restaurants, coffee houses, record stores, copy shops, video stores, or the local alternative publication. Ironically, many now wear their blue collar shirts literally, as they approach 40 or 50 and have construction or maintenance careers.
*That bar is so cute on weekends, but steer clear weekdays— it's totally packed with lecherous old athens townies.
*I know what you mean. It's so depressing how much they drink on Mondays!
by Tippi McClure January 01, 2007
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