Tax-loss harvesting is a technique used to lower your taxes while maintaining the expected risk and return profile of your portfolio. It harvests previously unrecognized investment losses to offset taxes due on your other gains and income.
Tax-Loss Harvesting can significantly increase your portfolio's after tax returns.
by Finance guy October 09, 2012
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When you forget things because you smoke a lot.
Dude, you remember what happened last night?


Dang. Smoke term memory loss.
by Djfirehawk14 July 28, 2018
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When you send a snapchat and the person replies, but you forgot what you said originally
Person 1: Dude, she snapped me and I had no clue what she was talking about because I forgot what I said

Person 2: Oh you got that Snap Term Memory Loss
by Jiminy Biply Bobert September 04, 2019
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According to the age, hair loss problem is face to both the man and women, There are also some other reasons like excessive smoking and consumption of tobacco, bad lifestyle. So, you need the hair loss treatment, like that if you are in London and find the best hair transplant clinic then, visit the London hair transplant clinic providing the expert team and use the modern technology at a reasonable price.
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When you feeling defeated because of something that happened.
Friend: Man I heard about yo girlfriend. I thought she was better than that, no cap.
Other Friend: I thought so too man. This is loss.

Computer Technician: So, we may be able to fix your computer, but all of your files will be wiped in the process.
Person: I-. Wow. This is loss.
by iitzoat October 18, 2018
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