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An astronaut family is a family unit where the members reside in different countries across the world. The astronaut family represents the growing transnationalism of peoples' identities that accompanies the growing globalization. The unique characteristic of astronaut families is the distribution of multiple family members to other countries maintaining the links of all, back in their original land. The head of the family (father), usually travels to secure family interests. Women stay in the home country to care for children, but in the case that they go to work, grandparents take the role for caring for children. One main reason for the astronaut family is to promote foreign business and open international markets in key economic areas.
β€œDespite living the life of privilege, home-alone children of Chinese 'astronaut family' migrants in Canada, face emotional challenges and frustrations.”
by yyuryyubicuryy4me August 06, 2018
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