1. Someone who used to be your good friend but then befriended some jerks and became one himself.

2. The jerk mentioned above makes fun of you and ruins your reputation.

3. Your whole high school.
"what an asshole"
by 2k15sucks June 23, 2015
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a mean person who is terrible to everyone around them and causes others to me sad. also a dickhead
jack padilla torments people for his enjoyment he is an asshole
via giphy
by cms and wms June 15, 2017
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Very simple. It is a person that makes you feel like shit.
Look at that oblivious Asshole. He doesn't have the slightest clue how offensive he really is! Smfh!

doucehbag fuckboy phony fag punk-ass-nigga
by cheapsoot November 17, 2017
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