someone who thinks he's cool.. but really, really not, and goes around doing things JUST to piss people off.
an example... the asshole CJ
by a girl February 22, 2005
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The worst type of person. Someone who seriously needs their ass kicked big time or get tortured by getting skinned alive. These types of people seriously don't deserve to breathe our precious air. They are people who waste space on this Earth and it is a privelage for them to even exist on this planet. They are disgusting, self centred, evil, mean, selfish, fucktards, exploiters....too much to list. They love to bad mouth people who are more superior than they are. A lot of people like following these types of people because "assholes" is like a disease. It is more contagious then SARS and one "asshole" can accumulate into thirty assholes.
1. Peter from Steveston Secondary is a total asshole.
2. My Science teacher is a asshole.
3. Pretty much everyone in this fucking planet is an asshole.
by Thomas Huang March 14, 2007
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someone that does stuff just to piss others off and goes around making threats to others
"the wiggeracross the street is the biggest asshole on the block"
by thedude July 09, 2004
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any group of people who offend you
nu septaton are a bunch of assholes
by david October 12, 2003
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An Asshole is somebody that works to better himself sometimes at the expense of other, usually the people who deserve to be hurt. He is generally liked by everybody in his presence no matter what he does. Although the most important person to an Asshole is himself, he does care about other things and people. Although he generally betters himself at the expense of others he can sometimes help other people in the process which can draw more positive attention to himself. Not to be confused with a douche-bag or a dick, a douche-bag is somebody that cares ONLY for himself and a dick is somebody that doesn't care for anyone.
Denis Leary: An Asshole who gains the admiration of millions by saying what he wants and hurting the people who deserve it. But he still is able to have a charity for fireman, drawing positive attention to himself.
by THE A**HOLE July 10, 2010
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1.The slang term for the opening at the end of the digestive tract.
2. A person that causes extreme irritability through their actions. Also used as a derogatory word.
Ex. 1. His asshole really hurts.
Ex. 2. That teacher gave me a shitload of homework, what an asshole.
by Sancho2523 March 09, 2006
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Someone who displays very rude, vulgar, inappropriate, distasteful behavior that causes a major inconvenience to those around them.

However, what makes this person an asshole is the fact that they, while fully aware that others suffer on their behalf, intentionally behave so discourteously.
Examples of assholic behavior, and why:

1) If you're in a parking lot, and you're closer to the parking spot someone just pulled out of than the other car, that's been waiting for 5 minutes, you are an asshole. They were there first, making them rightfully entitled to that space.

2) If you write out a check for purchases that are less than $10.00, this makes you an asshole because you are holding up the line.

3) If you're in a movie theatre and you bring your 6mo. old baby, you are an asshole. The baby will cry, and you will disrupt the movie.

4) "...I use public toilets, then piss on the seats. I walk around in the summertime goin' 'How about this heat?'" lyrics from Dennis Leary's "I'm an Asshole"

by well whatever August 24, 2008
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