A male who commits adulterous acts, which is fine, however, once he's found out, denies it all. Once his close brother-like friends get tired of hearing his bullshit, he has to go talk shit in the great state of Maryland.

What this asshole fails to realize is 1. he has a small penis. 2. he's a coward. 3. playing the "nice guy" only works if you're actually nice.

It's sad when a friendship is lost and a girl regrets ever turning around to meet him in the first place.
this asshole has completed all of these acts
a. sleeping with ugly beezys w/ nasty bodies (some with boyfriends).
b. not owning up to his choices in fear of actually being seen as the grimy ass he truly is.
c. saying too much shit and claiming he "didn't do anything"
by sooooo DONE February 10, 2010
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Anyone who isnt you.
That asshole
your an asshole
Their are assholes everywhere!!!
by Rockstarplayer1 December 11, 2007
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The person in front of you on the plane who insists on reclining their seat fully back as soon as the seatbelt light goes off. Once someone is the"asshole" to you, you are basically screwed unless you be an "asshole" to the person behind you as well.
Of course this usually starts an chain reaction, turning the plane into not just a sardine can, but a sardine can stuffed full of "assholes."
I tried not to make eye contact with the lady who sat behind me on the flight to T.O. because i was an asshole to her. But it wasn't my fault, the douche in front of me was the original asshole.
by The Constar February 25, 2009
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A inconsiderate person who tries to blame everything on other people. When his one defense make him seems like a jerk
by Sara McGee February 08, 2005
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people who fuck up our country spending us into the debt of ass backwards china
the previous FOUR assholes elected to the office of the president of the united states have been spending my money plus buckets of imaginary money to pay off the other assholes who helped them get into office. both the republican party and the democratic party are filled almost entirely with apathetic, hypocritical assholes. It is treasonous to spend a country into debt! The best way to stop treasonous asshole spending is to execute traitors. The fewer assholes the better.
by ExecuteTreasonousAssholes June 27, 2011
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