A. Any right-wing conservative pushing their extremist agenda in your face.
B. In America, typically a right-wing member of the GOP.
C. In America, An in-your-face christian extremist.
D. On the radio, Rush Limbaugh

Henry: He's a right-wing conserative.
John: You mean he's an asshole?
Henry: You got that right.

by La Da Dee October 24, 2005
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1. A card game for adolescents or young adults.
2. A prick/rude son-of-a-bitch who treats EVERYONE like they are beneath them. Doesn't care if he hurts someone's feelings.
3. Somebody from L.A., New York City, Detroit, France, Fort Wayne, Indiana; also any people who go to Harvard, Rednecks from the South, and a few bastards from Canada.
4. One cavity that many drug traffickers hide their shipment in.
5. What you are if you constantly cheat on your wife and beat your kids.
6. What to use when removing waste from the body; see shit or feces
7. Can be used as a means of entertaining people in various places.
Everyone I ever knew from Fort Wayne was a rude asshole. They always treated me like dirt for doing NOTHING to them. I hate those son of a bitch rat bastards.
by Ryan September 16, 2004
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someone that does stuff just to piss others off and goes around making threats to others
"the wiggeracross the street is the biggest asshole on the block"
by thedude July 09, 2004
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Where Gay people go to show there love.
1st gay man: Man i love u so much.
2nd gay man: Dont tell me tell my ass hole.
by Matt February 24, 2005
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the people who post the really disgusting sex postions on urban dictionary
those assholes keep referring to pussy as being the most beautiful thing in the world
by Holly Matronic May 14, 2007
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1) One person of many sprinkled about the face of the Earth by god to test the patience of those who believe in him. Most of which are relatives
or live in your city.

2) A broke person with no job and who you helped out and you gave them a place to sleep and you gave them food and they let your indoor cat out and they smoked your stash and they ate ALL of your food and used the last of your toilet paper and fell asleep in your favorite chair and pissed in it ... ... ... and gets mad when you kick them out but doesn't forget to ask for a ride somewhere.
1) If you are reading this ... you MIGHT be an asshole!

2) Nuff said!
by LayItOnYou March 19, 2007
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the definition of an asshole is by one name and that name is stephen sumergido.
gahd he's such an assholeee! (emphasizing the word to the max!)
by toosmart October 03, 2006
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Anyone who isnt you.
That asshole
your an asshole
Their are assholes everywhere!!!
by Rockstarplayer1 December 11, 2007
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