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A drinking game where in all cards are dealt out to three or more players. The players then in turn either play a card if the rules permit or drink alchol.

The first player to play all of his or her cards is declared the president the last is declared the asshole.

PLayers play there cards by placing them in the center one on top of another. In general a player may play one of his or her card if that card is of higher value than the last card played. If no player can play a card then the center pile is removed and the player who played the last card may now play a card of any value.

Under many variants of the game cards have special values or powers. Under some variant the President of the preceeding game may choose to alter or create special values for some of the cards.

Common special powers include:
-2s clear the pile. Player may play any card
-4s may be played on any card and are considered transparent
by crew8221 March 08, 2004
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