An asshat is typically someone who is a bummer. Always chiming in with their own opinion, nobody likes them.
(Guy 1): I personally think Trump is on a course to make America great
(Guy 2): shut up you Asshat.
by Lunaradraws March 11, 2018
An asshat is a person who would generally use you to get higher up in the world thus leaving you behind in the dirt. They would pretend to be your friend to get items money or break your heart for the fun of it.
He is such an asshat!

I know right I thought he was my friend
by MidgetManLink October 2, 2015
An asshat is someone who isn't worthy of the title "asshole", so they put their hole on their hat therefore making them an asshat.
"______ (name), don't be a fricking asshat"

Similar funny quote:
"______ (name), get your head out of your ass it isn't an ass.
by Omnomcookies February 4, 2015
The silly miniature sombrero tour guides put on their burros for tourists at the Grand Canyon.
That's some asshat right there.
by Bee Vomit October 11, 2020
andrew parr is such an asshat”
by oougaboouga August 24, 2019
A person with their head up their own ass so far that they are wearing a hat.
That ignorant, compassionless woman who posted a horribly thoughtless and insensitive comment is an asshat.