The physical body bent in a way for the anus to be worn fashionably on one's head.
Next time I see you round here boy you will be wearing that dumb ass of yours as a hat!
by ChangWang June 14, 2003
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1. Absence of any form of political authority.
2. Political disorder and confusion.
3. Absence of government; the state of society where there is no law or supreme power; a state of lawlessness; political confusion.
Asshats is a secret goatse worshipping cult.
by Mer May 29, 2004
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Ass-hat. President George Bush and Dick Cheney are both clueless and bumbling idiots. Meaning they are both ass-hat
1. George Bush was an ass-hat when it was time to help Katrina victims.

2. Every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth she looks like an ass-hat

3. The Republican party is filled with ass-hats
by L.L.L January 22, 2009
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Someone who annoys me to the extent that, given the opportunity, I would beat him into such a deformed state that he'd be wearing his ass as a hat.
by Trunks November 20, 2003
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An ambiguous "emoticon" seen by some as a heart and others as asshat.
Is this a love letter, or a brush off to an asshat:


I guess you know how I feel about what happened last night. See you around!


by misinterpreter October 05, 2006
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the out come of a practice of wearing something sphincterally tight around one's head, cutting off the blood flow and dramatically lowering social skills.
"Barry you ass-hat, what did you do that for"
by MyMateSue October 29, 2005
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