A complete and utter asshole who deserves to big kicked in the ball sack. This word can be combined with jack ass for increased emphasis on the person’s total worthlessness, e.g. jackassbag.
I hope that fucking ass bag rots in hell.
by Patchdawg March 07, 2008
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someone who acts like a bag full of ass
"Ya know that guy Johnny, well he's a real assbag"
by hewchardon May 22, 2003
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a clumpy person who has an oversized asshole that looks like bag of shit hanging down when seen through the pants. Also referred to as a "clumpy fredwayne"
Hey Fred, what's that sac of shit hanging from your anus?? Wanye you know better....that's not shit, that's my ass bag!
by Jadee bithches July 18, 2006
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1. (adj.) one who resembles an ass; one who is ridiculous in their logic

2. (adj.) a complete and total idiot who should have the shit kicked out of them, but repeatedley escapes said punishment

You are such an ass-bag!
by Ninny & Robyn October 28, 2006
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The greatest nickname in the movie "Outside Providence" starring Alec Baldwin. Has nothing to do with an ass or a bag.
Hey Dildo, why don't you and these other assbags get outa here!
by Gecko March 29, 2005
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A person of the male persuasion who is prone to making promises and commitments he is constitutionally incapable of fulfilling. Upon realizing his incompetency, he acts as if nothing ever happened and labels himself "ASSBAG", mainly in an effort to make people laugh. What this "ASSBAG" (a.k.a. Tony B.) fails to recognize is naming himself assbag is probably the first truthful statement he's made in the situation he created.
ASSBAG: moves girlfriend 3000 miles to be with him, making promises of a family and marriage..a week after girlfriend has been home, ASSBAG has a moment of clarity and, to protect "girlfriend" from having her feelings hurt down the road, breaks up with her..but not before they've had sex, of course...
Girlfriend continues living with ASSBAG, having no other option at that point. Of course, human nature interferes, and the two continue sharing a bed and have sex a few more times.
Lo and behold, ASSBAG and ex-girlfriend are now expecting a child together...
The best part: ASSBAG pretends like nothing has ever happened, still...aside from a few text messages immediately following the news of the pregnancy, ASSBAG hasn't mentioned ONE WORD about their living situation or their baby....
by THE EX GF August 11, 2011
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When a womans ass starts to increase in size, but instead of increasing to just be big and nasty, it does something else.
An Ass Bag retains it's upper dimensions, but increases down the leg. It appears to grow out of the upper hamstring region.
To make sure you've seen a true ass bag, just watch it move. You will see the normal ass pieces move accordingly. But the bag will show up in the last portion of the stride(look at the lower butt where it meets the hamstring) as what can only be called...Ass Bags.

The cause of an ass bag is actually the ass starting to lose it's rounded shape. It forms a tear drop and starts dropping down the legs.

The middle is starting in the process of gaining the status of "Ass Bag Holder" It is only starting the process.


This version would have ass bags, but she's gained too much weight and now the bag is just her massive backyard.

Picture evidence is not common with this condition.
by The Jenkernaut August 27, 2008
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