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After a long night of drinking, when you fart and liquid shit, "like it was stragith water i was shitting beer down my leg", balled up toilet paper in your ass crack to prevent leakage.
While at the mall, Greg was going up the escalator and had his legs on two different steps, he sharted in his pants and he needed an ass tampon for the leakage.
by Best Buy 197 November 04, 2005
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When a gay guy gets banged too often up the ass, and one day it just doesn't close up afterwards. So, the guy has to wear a tampon up his ass so all the crap doesn't fall out all over the place.
Guy in bathroom stall: Anyone got an ass tampon?!!!?!?!!!?! I forgot a spare!!!!!!!
*Everyone runs out of bathroom*
by klrpenguin66 July 02, 2004
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when you use a tampon in your ass to suck up all the cum after anal sex
Phyllis:Honey I'll be right back, it was great but I need an ass tampon
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The "giver" in a homosexual male relationship. Compared to a tampon because of the fact that he puts himself in another dude's ass.
"You think Pete gives or receives the dick?"
"I don't know, he's not very effeminate so he must be the ass tampon in the relationship."
by TheBass November 06, 2007
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a tampon for your ass mainly used for male homosexuals when you bleed out of your ass due to butt sex
me and james have to go buy some asstampons we are seriously bleeding out our ass
by zedisdead87 May 04, 2011
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A douche bag that can't get over himself. Usually very unobservant and can't stop hanging out with someone well below their age. Very easy to lie to, and very self centered.
Person #1: Fuck that guy is an Ass Tampon!

Person #2: I know, I just want to knock his lights out!
by Double You EyE Ell Ell March 07, 2010
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Groups of forum-dwelling sperglords who derive all pleasure in their existence from thinking that they have any effect on other members of said forum.
"Hey, look at all those 30+ year old members who are STILL on that forum. It's like they're so unhappy with their lives that they need to derive pleasure from an imagined sense of self worth! What ass tampons!"
by Jennie S sucks the cock March 05, 2013
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