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One who, like a plumber, uses suction from their moth to suck shit out of assholes
Steven is an ass plumber.
by I love daniel April 04, 2003
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1. Proctologist
2. Anyone who literally or figuratively plumbs the depths of the anus. Anal cavities may be those belonging to any mammalian species. Not necessarily but possibly a sodomite.
3. Driver in San Mateo, California who honks a lot and cuts off pedestrians in crosswalks. Usually found in a luxury sedan or SUV.
4. A drunkenly enthusiastic applauder / woohooer of inferior musical performances.
When Dr. Lionel Sphincter was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and arrived at San Quentin Prison, the other assplumbers quickly taught him manners and the real meaning of juris prudence. Malpractice his ass this time!
by Foetus McSwain August 12, 2007
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