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This syndrome causes a large posterior by eating fast food burgers every day
Irma developed ass burgers syndrome after eating at McDonald's every day for a year.
by weasel990 March 24, 2010
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This is when a retarded person eats nothing but McDonalds which results in severe constipation as the partially digested burgers get stuck in the ass.
"James is autistic which has contributed to his ass-burgers syndrome. The local McDonalds has been instructed by the authorities to serve James no more than five burgers a day so as not to exacerbate his ass-burgers syndrome."
by Yarling Warbler December 27, 2011
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it is when your body (most likely ass)
shits out burgers. it is very painfull but only a myth
hey my friend just got dignost with Assburgers Syndrome
by pyrosef August 12, 2008
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A condition suffered by people from the Munster area. Symptoms include chronic masterbation coupled with an intense desire to get their point across by talking and gesticulating in an exasperated manner
No.... No... No.... Basically.... It's assburgers syndrome
by scutteryballbag June 16, 2016
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