A baby that was conceived in the ass hole. Usually by instruments of a strap-on, and most exclusively conceived by males.
That Ashe chick got me preggers... It's an assbaby...
by Ashegirl July 11, 2009
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The offspring of a gay man who has been anally impregnated by his lover. Ass babies typically resemble demons and have razor sharp claws that cause much damage during the birth. They typically display hatred towards everyone and are very aggressive.The birthing process results in high fatality rates for the father, especially in low income families where the father cannot have the Ass Baby killed immediately post-birth.
Terrence gave birth to an Ass Baby last night in his one bedroom apartment while his boyfriend watched. They were both subsequently murdered.
by TheFoose June 16, 2010
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When a gay man fucks his best girl-friend so hard up the ass that is creats a small hole through which an egg can travel from the ovary to the rectum. Then when he ejaculates into her ass she becomes pregnant and nine months later a baby explodes out of her ass. It's an Ass-Baby
"Lindsey, your butt has gotten really big"
"yeah, it's russles Ass-Baby, it's gonna explode out any day now!"

Your Ass-baby is covered in shit!
by professor Quinta August 17, 2006
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n. a vomit-inducing, hideously deformed mass of a human female.
SWEET SATAN!!!! I can't eat with that ass baby sitting a mere ten feet from me. I can feel my salad comming up.
by Blasphemer_0 January 20, 2005
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Occurs when the caulk a guy deposits in his girlfriend's ass drips so ever slightly into her pussy and impregnates her.
My buddy is the proud papa of an ass baby. I told him too much caulk is not good. I told him if he over caulked his girlfriend to clean up or have an Ass Licker on standby.
by slicksal October 23, 2006
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Sperm after being ejaculated into one mans anus from another man during homosexual copulation.
"Yeah, he filled me with his ass babies"
by Biggaypaul December 05, 2007
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A butt ugly annoying individual who is "full of shit," never knows when to shut up, and constantly puts his/her foot in his/her own mouth. They are usually uneducated and untalented with no real redeeming qualities.
Prime example: Adrianne Curry...as it was statement in the youtube video "Adrianne Curry is an Assbaby" by vlogging paris2pop.
by lightdayz44 October 13, 2007
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