a force so strong it could knock any non-asian over! these powers may include, super hotness, super smartness, exceptional athletic ability, exceptional talent in the arts, wonderful music skills, the ability to solve a rubiks cube in less than three minutes, the swiftness of a cat, a memory like an elephant... sometimes these powers are used for evil.
with his super asian powers, he lept over the building in a superhot way to do a math problem that would save the girl from a speeding train. this requires cat like swiftness.
by dinosaurkitty December 10, 2003
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1. the natural ability to get As on tests without studying
2. the natural ability to be really good at fast paced card games such as speed and ERS

Applies to asians and caucasians, white people,who can obtain the card playing half of asian power by hanging out with asian people or playing cards with them.
(day of test)OMG what am i going to do, my test is in an hour and i haven't studied at all, I need my asian power to kick in.
(day of results) Yes! I got a 100! Looks like my asian power kicked in.

(card playing) Hey, how did you get so good? I have been seeing my asian source, he gives me my asian power.
by CanadianAnonymous September 06, 2007
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Asian Powers are one of the greatest civilizations ever to be known in asian history. The members are Jett (The Hitman) John (The Fellow Guard) Khanh (The Vietnamese Assasin) Preethu (The Brains) Jaspreet (The memer) Ronith (The Donut)
"How was the AP gang" (AP=Asian Powers)
"They were amazing today"
by AP-BYRON July 24, 2019
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The moment of the day when it's prime time for the Asian community (Korean and Japanese) to get on the internet or play online video games, which results in a worldwide lag.
"Ugh what try hards! Must be Asian Power Hour"
by PokemonBananas January 11, 2013
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MEGA ASIAN powers are powers that asians are born with. MEGA ASIAN powers run through asians and make them smarter. People with the names Min, Grace, Ellina and Cheng chong ming kee. The powers can be passed on to different races only by another asian who gives then SUPER ASIAN FOOD.
"Min gets an a on his math test" It's no fair Min, you used your MEGA ASIAN powers.
by ASIAN POWA December 07, 2016
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A shild designed to protect against asian's obvious natral ability to predict what you're life will be through the culinary art of creating cookies.
Wow im glad that my Asian Super Power Shield protected me from this stupid ass fortune.
by G to the ilbo August 04, 2010
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