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a brief moment of bi-polarness of extreme rage against another.
only available to asians and part asians.
TJ-"Erik, that Tyler Hill kid keeps talking to your girl."
ERIK-"Cunt nipple dick! fuck him dude im going to use my asian fury and molest him with my fucking anus, BREEEE RARWWWW!"
by libby laaa my wang bitch October 08, 2007
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Asian fury is the worst kind of fury. No fury surpasses it. If you see an asian start to display the signs of asian fury, it’s in your best interest to leave and stay outside of a 50 ft radius from the asian. Asian fury will wreak havoc on anyone who stays within the allotted distance. The only people who can harness asian fury are full asians and half asians.
That asian fury is the worst. I just got wrecked by it.
by asians>gingers October 19, 2017
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