A non-Asian, commonly male, who studies an Asian language and/or culture to chase after Asian women or men regardless of their personality traits, common interests, and/or age. Male Asian freaks think Asian women are easy, which boosts their confidence, and try to take advantage of them. They appear to have a genuine interest and kindness towards their Asian target and target's culture and forget their victim once they get what they want, usually sex.

This word is passed from actual exchange students who were warned of this type of persons before arriving to their exchange program destination.
That Asian freak just tried to hit on that exchange student by talking to her in Japanese!

Asian exchange students, beware of Asian freaks!
by lewdev October 28, 2007
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A term commonly used by Japanese exchange students arriving into an exchange program in Europe or the United States to identify Wapanese, Asiaphiles, and those who suffer symptoms of yellow fever (aka Asian fever).
by lewdev November 1, 2007
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