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a term used for a good grade, such as a b+, but it still wont land you in stanford

also used to describe the situation an asian is in when they say the words "im like failing"

this grade would be considered good, if not acceptable for any other race, excluding indians and russians
im like failiing, said suzy after she saw teh 87 on her test

sam asian failed is test with a b+, insuring he will only go to a state university, rather than an ivy league school
by dirk lance July 23, 2005
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In other words, any grade other than an A+
Daniel Kim: Duuude, I'm sooo dead when my parentals see my report card!!!

Peter Jones: Why man? You're lowest grade was an A-!

Daniel Kim: You white people are never gonna get it.
by jonron556 August 17, 2005
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Asian Failing is failing to get an A or high B. If you get a low B or C, you are "Asian Failing".
Similar to getting F's in school, but relating to Asians.
Jim: Hey Daniel so what did you get on that Algebra quiz?
Daniel: I got a 92, how about you?
Jim: I got a 77, fuck I'm Asian failing.
by PhabulosoPhresh October 25, 2009
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