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Ashleigh Wilson is a very guarded, scared and extremely misunderstood soul. Ashleigh comes off fake or sometimes mean to new people, as well as ones she doesnt fully trust. She hurts terribly inside herself amongst all of heavy congestion thats been building. Measuring up at times is impossible. On the other hand its not. The true Ashleigh Wilson, is magnificent in everyway possible. Has been strong for so long, that its hard to except praise as well as giving up control, and completely being able to trust. Also can be a chameleon in the social situations if needed. Intelligent, creative, capable, confused, lost, sweet, genuine, captivating, observant, funny, immature, loveable, beautiful, manipulative, crazy, and unpredictable. Never be a dull moment around someone named Ashleigh Wilson.. A swirl of amazing, dark, strong, fading in and out, special and unique swirls, of gentle, crisp, and encompassing gusts. Like a tornado
Ashleigh wilson is alot of things but a waste of time she isnt
by A. Merling February 24, 2017
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