A robot cuss word, mentioned once in the webcomic 'Questionable Content' by Jeph Jacques.
1 "Uno!"
2 "Again?"
3 "Asdf!"
1 "Asdf?"
2 "It's a robot cuss word; he has a filthy mouth"
3 "Human cusswords focus on mating, excretion and male genetalia. Robot cusswords focus on mashing on homerow. Asdf is a four-letter word"
1 "Hee hee! so what is 'qwerty' slang for then?
2 & 3 #oh noes#
1 "What? What did I say?"
by teir July 24, 2009
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response to a text/message when nothing else fits/comes to mind. Instead of lamely replying with 'lol' to a message you don't care to answer to or think about, you put 'asdf' just so the person knows you got the message, and because you never thought their message was funny anyway, never mind anything to do with laughing out loud.
(new text message from : Lucifer, 5:00 pm)

ugh, just woke up man, hahahaha I'm so lazy -_-

(reply with :)

by sssquAURE December 20, 2010
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buy the domain for your art site
1) Asdf can be used with qwertyuiop and ghjkl.
2) Asdf is what you say when you are angry.
3) Asdf is what you say when you have nothing to say.
by Inushei February 06, 2004
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1) A word often used to communicate shock or frustration at an event while texting or IMing.
*not really an effective form of expressing frustration in real life.

2) Random keyboard mashing.

Other forms are asdfghjkl, asdfghjkl;, and dajfopejrpwi48g
xgenericusernamex: That essay took forever!
randomuser911: Yeah 20 pages, I can't believe it!
xgenericusernamex: ASDF 20??? I THOUGHT IT WAS 2!!!!!!
by soon2bsmerin April 07, 2010
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asdfsdfa asd f a afd sdf asdf asdfsdaf
asdfafasdfsa sadfaf asd sdfsdf asdf asdf
by sdfa November 09, 2003
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Asdf really has no meaning, but some people tend to be confused when someone talks about it or says it.
1. Asdf are the four keys you put the four fingers on your left hand on a computer keyboard.
2. Asdf is also the name of a series of cartoon comics on YouTube by a guy named TomSka.
Asdf is a really funny cartoon!
by Crop Dusting June 16, 2014
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A word that is most commonly used in any sort of only messenger to express frustration, excitement, confusion, anger, happiness, ect. It comes from hitting many keys at once in a fit of emotion, and a, s, d, and f are all next to each other. Usually the meaning is only identifiable thanks to context clues. It is also sometimes followed by random arrangements of letters that are spammed as quickly as possible into the conversation.
xXxebilt0astirxXx: Dude, I ran over a dog eariler.
sexisexiyes: asdf!
sexisexiyes: D:
sexisexiyes: adfkghfl
sexisexiyes: kjglkd
sexisexiyes: kl;jklj...
sexisexiyes: :
xXxebilt0astirxXx: I know.
by winstinword June 25, 2007
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