a person who is too dumb and not capable to do anything else. usually has a mental disorder or is on drugs
>why did you become an artist?
>because i failed school and i'm not usefull for anything else.
by 143555e4 December 15, 2010
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Someone who tags up the block with spray cans. A graffiti artist.
Also lengthened to graff-artist.
That artist's tag is everywhere.
He's bombing the whole block.
by wAsTe October 30, 2003
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use to refer to a once friend who has had his testicles amputated by his woman who is really a man, has lost his identity and all of his friends. Like Prince when he became a symbol, hence the reference
My friends, join me in raising your class and pouring out some of your drink for the artist who is no longer with us.
by D'godfather May 05, 2003
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A non-essential job.
Non-essential forms of entertainment were made by artists.
by Straits Times June 14, 2020
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The natural wild artist is a creature with a sad soul and a liking for expression using creativity. Many artists don't believe in themselves. Other artists make crap and call it good. Some artists sell art. Other artist steal art. The requirements for being an artist is to be able to create something, it can be anything. An artist doesn't have to be talented, they just have to be inspired and create.
I am a artist because I drew a smiley face :)
by vex1 January 06, 2021
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Someone who loves and cares for someone incredibly deeply to the fact they will do anything for them
I love that girl. She’s turned me into a artist
by Dylanburd3n March 23, 2021
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artist is the worst
artist is a loser and sucks
she plays the violin?? wtf?? she’s probably good at it but still a nerd
emi melon and salty think artist sucks
ok bye 😘
melon: wow artist sucks
emi: ikr artist is the worst
salty: lol artist is a nerd
by miiiinananan November 09, 2019
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