a master of the craft.

can also be understood as "ist", located at the end of the word being modified.
"damn, he ate all the pizza?"
"all ten slices."
"damn, that kids a straight murk-artist."

"you got there in ten minutes"
"yeah, i'm a fuckin' skirtist."
by dingdingding October 14, 2007
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a person who is skilled in or specializes in something
I would respect her more if she weren't such a gossip artist.
by The Return of Light Joker February 18, 2012
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An artist is someone usually great at artwork. Back in the 1800-1920s we had the most talented arts in the personal opinion. Now you can use it as a term to address an unemployed person good at drawing.
Jane: I recently got laid off and i’m working as an artist.
Kyla: No, sweetie, no.
by Freaky_Boi October 24, 2018
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We're all Artists ...
creating our present, surroundings, matrix, computer simulation...
I'm an artist, though I have nothing to do with art...
by ottob December 01, 2018
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A person who knows no sleeps. They spend their days scribbling on a piece of paper wondering if they are good enough. Sometimes they will go outside, but not too long after they will retreat back inside their safe houses. They spend hours of their day telling themselves how much of a piece of trash they are and how they have no talent. If you meet one in person they will not speak nor will they spent much time in the outside. They are a rare type of person to see. If you find yourself inside their house you will see that is it filled with markers and paints and pencils and pens and sketchbooks from wall to wall. In their kitchen you will see coffee and energy drinks. That is what they thrive on. That is an artist.
That person looks like an artist. They look like they get no sleep so they have to be an artist.
by I’m an artist. May 12, 2020
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Hipster definition of a bum. Usually drop outs or community college specials around the age of 19-20.
Matt: Can I bum a stoag?
Jeff: Yeah, for a buck, its 9 bucks a pack dude.
Matt: I'm short man, I haven't gotten payed yet.
Jeff: That's because you're a fucking bum who doesn't look for work
Matt: No, I'm an artist, my paintings just haven't taken off yet and my band's been too busy to record.
Jeff: Oh. Well in that case, go fuck yourself.
by hipsterforlifeJK July 16, 2011
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A person that lies a lot. A "B.S. Artist" is one who tells incredible stories and for the most part, expects you to believe it. Someone who stretches the truth way too much.
Someone who is always the "hero" and saves the day or can out do anyone else doing anything else. He has done it at an earlier age, faster, better, made more money doing it, had anything and everything better than anyone else.....Oh, but just can't show for it or prove it. (aka a BULL SHIT ARTIST)
1)We got a guy that works in the warehouse that says when he was in boot camp, he punched the drill Sargent in the nose and told him to "shut up, I'm not gonna do any more push ups". What an artist, I met his mom at the post office, she said that he lived at home until he was 23 and worked at wal-mart until he got this job.
2) I met a guy on the flight back from Atlanta that says he put a Corvette engine in his Honda Civic and it will do 190mph, what an artist.
by x raytech2011 September 26, 2012
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