artist (ar-tist)
1. Most common definition, a depressed, underpaid, sad person in their early twenties or late teens, although they can be many ages. They cannot afford art supplies, cry themselves to sleep, lack inspiration, and draw about once every 3 full moons. When asked what they want to be, they answer an artist, but they know that like everything else in their miserable lives, that is a lie. They hate their art style although their friends love it, and have no self confidence whatsoever.
2. Anyone who practices a talent involving creating something without outstanding functionality other than to entertain or inspire.

3. Sarcasm used to describe someone lacking skills in art.
1."I am an artist!"
"But you never draw?"
"I know..." (cries in corner)
2. Poets, authors, and dancers deserve the title of artist.
3. "That two year old is a real artist, proper Picasso! Smeared paint all over my new Lamborghini!"
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A young, generally mentally tortured person who possesses art supplies. This person is usually regarded as fucking insane during their lifetime, and then called a genius after death, when all of their work goes up in value.
That goddam artist in the apartment above me spent the whole day doing nothing bet screaming, whining, and painting.
by King of the a**holes June 26, 2018
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Noun "Did you see the new artist?"
Adjective "You're such a Artist!"

Someone who will never accept their talent of drawing. Might also be a introvert that hates whenever someone compliments their piece of art that they call trash
Person : "Man you draw so good you're an Artist!"

Person 2 : "Nah Its just trash I should probably burn it or something. Insert annoying ,cheesy ,spoiled ,and needs to get off their high horse persons' name Draws way better!"
Everyone that recognises this humble persons work: "Bitch where????"
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by #1 floof February 01, 2019
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Devoted subscriber to the doctrine of economy of effort. Often despised by the lowly engineer for choosing a degree that won't cause a nervous breakdown or waste an extra year of life. NB: whoever thought they'd be clever and rip artists using my name should have thought twice- that message was posted at 0630h when everyone knows I don't surface til after midday.
I wish I was an artist so I'd be popular with the ladies
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Something/someone my gym teacher uses to define furries or emo kids
Nick: your such a fucking furry

Miku: Iā€™m not a furry im a artist
by Yung Lice March 13, 2019
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A person who creates meaning through Beauty.

Only an

Artist can capture.
"Beautiful! Beautiful patience! Pure artistry. Artist!!!!
by cheapsoot March 01, 2018
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1. A very interesting person who has developed a certain skill to the point of perfection. An Upcoming Artist is someone who is developing a skill to the point of perfection. Artists can be good at anything, painting, sculpture, neurosurgery, math, often using skills from one talent to excel in another field

(many doctors are artists). Artists are very eager to learn new things in their constant pursuit of perfection, and true artists make work that is absolutely perfect. Artists can't be described as either type A or type B, or social or antisocial, since anyone who strives for perfection of anything is really an artist. Good artists study up on the work of masters (people who pioneer new technology, philosophies, or created work that can be understood through multiple viewpoints as great leaps forward).

2. A term used by lazy rats or people with inflated egos to explain why they don't have a real job/life/friends. These people often are not willing to learn or try new things, insisting that they already have all the skills they need to be great. These people make no contributions to larger society whatsoever and are a general pest. You can find some of them at art galleries making bombastic or inflated statements about the art there instead of getting outside and curing polio or teaching people.
Leonardo Da Vinci was a great artist who employed his many talents to create beautiful works of art and science.

Jill the artist has been holed up in her studio working on a mural for a children's hospital and wants to get every detail right.

Jack used his ability to copy and artistic skill to make tactile replicas of paintings and sculptures to put in museums for blind people. He is an artist.

Henry dropped out of community college and hasn't bathed or cleaned his apartment in weeks because he's an "artist" and doesn't understand why people won't buy paintings from his "Shit on a Canvas" series.
by scratchmaster101 November 17, 2011
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