Artie Lang? Oh--you mean the Howard Stern show got a REAL comidian..not like that Soupy Sales Mutha Fukka Jackie "The Asskisser" Martling?
by Andi February 9, 2005
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Degenerate gambler, whoremonger, and boozer. Was also is some crappy movies. Let me sum him up in 2 words..My hero
Artie lange, in Vegas, during March Madness...I'm there
by Teabag March 27, 2005
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when a person stabs themself 17 times.
"I'm gonna go home and artie lange myself"
by RemyMartini May 5, 2010
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Take two parts comedy, mix in one part tragedy then add devil dogs and jack and water and you have Artie Lange. He gives the Stern show it's everyman appeal with his love of sports, gambling and drinking. Artie an actor and comedian who shines in his new FCC free surroundings at Sirius. He doesn't need to curse to be funny but it doesn't hurt either. His on air screaming matches with Crazy Alice and Beetlejuice are comedy gold. Artie makes everyone on the show better when he is on and when he is gone to shoot films or do a guest shot on Entourage the show is missing that spark. He recently signed a development deal with Fox, if he gets a show his Stern days will probably be numbered. All I can say is that he is a addictive fat guy with a heart of gold and a liver of a 98 year old.
Artie Lange described former female wrestler Chyna Doll's genitalia as a clitcock or a clock.
by Bukkake the porno clown November 24, 2006
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Funny ass fat fuck from Jersy. Might have a small drinking problem, minor gambling problem.
did you see Arty drinking Jack and betting on the WNBA the other night? What a sad sack.
by masshole617 June 16, 2004
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