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Essentially what you get when you combine a creepy mime and a homicidal clown. Art the Clown is a downright creepy and peculiar slasher clown (popularized in the 2017 movie Terrifier) because of his reluctance to speak yet his overwhelmingly comical facial expressions. He may not appear physically imposing like other slashers (although lankiness is quite often viewed as creepy) - yet he is quite handy and very willing to do all kinds of dirty work. Art is someone that laughs at the worst times despite not making a sound. Like Michael Myers who also stalks shady streets on Halloween night, Art the Clown is also a superhuman Halloween entity who appears to be unkillable. Art probably has some reason for his weird child-like mannerisms combined with his homicidal tendencies being a part of his persona, but you may never find that out. The most effective and witty clown we've had since forever, played by the talented David Howard Thornton.
Pennywise who?

Art the clown is what would have happened if Michael Myers stuck with his clown getup and never became catatonic.
by Atticus Binch May 25, 2018
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