In baseball, when, following a strikeout with no runners on base and fewer than two outs, the ball is tossed from the catcher to third, to second, to short and finally back to the pitcher. Similarly, when the ball is tossed from first to second to short to third and back to the pitcher following a force out at first base with no other runners aboard. The order and players involved may vary by team.

This practice is purely traditional, but serves to keep the infielders' arms warm during an inning.
After the pitcher struck out the batter, the infielders went around the horn.
by chcameron September 9, 2011
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The act of passing around a bottle of liquor with a bunch of your friends in a circle, each taking as big of a swig as possible, usually causing the end of most nights.
"man i blacked out hard last night, what happened?"
"around the horn happened."
by TheDruncan June 20, 2012
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1. A dangerous voyage, esp. naval, around the extreme peninsular end of America's Southern continent (Cape Horn).

2. Expression describing any risky or adventerous maneuver used in order to achieve the final step in a predetermined goal; an apotheosis of sorts.

3. In poker, a declared convention allowing straights to be continuous across the card hierarchy limits. That is, sequences are allowed to proceed from King to Ace to Two, and so on, as needed to complete a run. Legitimate only if announced with a horn honk and a circular hand motion.
1. Captain Horatio L. Nymark, despite innumerable weather catastrophes, made it Around the Horn.

2. In the heat of the night, Captain Nymark was forced to go around the horn: to avoid complaints from his many mistrisses, he proceeded to bed every one of them in the space of an evening.

3. "EEEEEEEEAAAAAA-OUUUURRRRRRN! Around the horn, boys, around the horn!" Captain Nymark boldly tooted the order at the start of the hand, later to win the pot with a QKA23 straight.
by Round O'Horn July 18, 2005
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In mid-1900's police parlance, the strategy of moving an arrested person from precinct to precinct in order to keep his lawyer away and avoid any order of bail release for as long as possible.
Then they took me from one police station to another, every few hours. Taking me around the horn, they called it, so my lawyer couldn't get me out.
by ToolieLT November 26, 2017
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Getting a BJ while driving.
Guy 1: George went around the horn with Sara!
Girl 1: What's around the horn?
Guy 1: Just think about it.
by johns13b February 20, 2011
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When a male or female feels the urge to take sexual experiences to the next level by licking ones asshole, 1 time around the circumference of the acutal brown star, brown star is another defination that I will get to at a later date but should be self explanitory!!
donny gave shelly a rim job yesterday but only went once around the horn due to the fact her asshole tasted like a copper penny with dirt on it.
by RyanPatrick October 15, 2007
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