The Ark of the Covenant a.k.a. one of the most sacred gifts to mankind has been found in the form of a pictograph by of all people Michael Thomas Fazio from Howard Beach Queens New York and this we all know to be true.

Yes ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, an exact replica of The Ark of the Covenant that which the Lord God gave Moses to guide the wandering Hebrews through the desert has been placed in the most highly publicized and distributed piece of artwork on the face of the planet Earth a.k.a. the entire Reverse of {{{~ONE DOLLAR BILL~}}}. Of course this piece of artwork fulfills every aspect of Deuteronomy chapter 32 verses one through seven.

This artwork is also the most complex piece of artwork ever created in the history of this world and is only discernible by those who can understand hieroglyphs, pictographs, ideograms, Mercator projection, and {{{ ~ Euclidean Optics ~ }}} because otherwise it simply looks like an obscure design.

Therefore Michael Fazio spent 35 years of his life doing research into pictographs, hieroglyphs and the study of {{{ ~ Euclidean Optics ~ }}} at which point at the age of 50 years started writing a book and on April 15, 2010 copyrighted that book and immediately created a website with a 439 picture shopping cart

To prove that the Ark of the covenant is defined precisely on the reverse of the one dollar bill we have the Lord God's First Commandment; a.k.a.

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods before Me ~!

{{{ IN GOD WE TRUST ~ ONE ~ }}} has the identical meaning and I don't for one moment believe this is a coincidence ~ !

But if you need more proof the entire greenside or the reverse of the {{{~ONE DOLLAR BILL~}}} is an exact replica of the measurements given to Moses by the Lord God as instructions to build the Ark of the Covenant scaled down & all of this has been proven in the book Angels on the Ark by Michael Fazio
by HoodwinkedbyanAngel November 20, 2010
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1. A person, object, or situation of great interest and possible value that possesses too great a risk to be approached or otherwise disturbed.

2. A situation in which the answer while tantalizing is far too disturbing for the asker to truly desire to know.
1) "That girl is gorgeous."

"She's a sexual harrassment attorney. Ark of the Convenant, bro."

2) "I wonder why Jason collects doll heads and does taxidermy."

"Ark of the Covenant!"
by jmitch77 November 08, 2016
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