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1. The open water that California will become when it falls into the ocean.

2. Los Angeles, the great big festering neon distraction, after a comet falls from the sky, followed by meteor showers and tidal waves, followed by faultlines that cannot sit still.
Learn to swim, I'll see you down in Arizona bay.
by NTA August 07, 2003
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The cool beautiful serenity of the waters left when Los Angeles falls into the ocean.

An album by comedian Bill Hicks.

The idea was introduced by Bill Hicks. The song Ænema by Tool, is a tribute to the late Bill Hicks, his hatred for LA, and his wish for its destruction.
LA is a nightmare city, and the sooner it falls into the ocean due to a major earthquake and is flushed away like the turd city it is into the Pacific bowl, the better this world will be... Bye you lizard scum!... leaving nothing but the cool beautiful serenity known as Arizona Bay
-Bill Hicks
by PlayMiniatureGolf June 16, 2009
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