Arianna! Arianna is a beautiful girl which has the biggest and sweetest heart, she will always show you kindness and come off shy at first but after she warms up and gets to know you she is CRAZY in a funny good way. Arianna has beautiful dark hair and eyes you’ll fall in love with. Arianna is adventurous and is always moving but can be super chill! She loves dogs coffee and friends
If you ever get a Arianna in your life then damn your lucky because this girl is amazing she can do whatever she wants. she is the most loving and giving best friend you can ask for so never let her go. Arianna is a good dancer with big humor!
Girl 1~ is that Arianna
Girl 2~ yeah that’s her!
Arianna~ hi!! *waves*
by January 28, 2021
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Arianna means queen like,
Very beautiful, and
Goddess like. the name Arianna comes the name of a goddess from the lost world.
Ariannas' tend to be attracted to Beyonce as she is a queen and a goddess.
they always have an attitude but are able to play it off like nothing in the world is wrong.
Guy: Can i buy you a coffee?

Arianna: Screw off youre not Beyonce you Peasant.
by Homer Donuts July 10, 2014
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Arianna is the most beautiful person that you’ll ever meet. Loves to hangout with friends and you can get lost in her beautiful brown eyes so easily.
If I ever loose Arianna then I’ll just go dig my own grave and be buried alive.
by Ol’ Baptist February 26, 2019
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The most incredibly sexy, beautiful, deserving person ever. She cares about everyone and needs more people to turn to. Her friends often leave her but she always cares. She has a quick temper, but she's TOTALLY awesome. She makes a great pair with Victors <3
person 1: "Arianna won't stop talking about Victor!!!!"
Person 2:"But she is still hot"
by Girlyyyyyyyyyyyyy January 27, 2013
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Arianna is an amazing person who some will fall in love with at first sight. With her beautiful chocolate brown eyes, small but curvy figure, an bouncy curls she gets called beautiful at least once a day an is 1 of the popular girls at school. She has killer style an many friends yet keeps to a small group. If an arianna says she loves you it goes deep and she means it full heartedly she’s trys her best for her partner an forever means always for her. She’s so kind and someone you can’t forget just don’t get on her bad side.
Wow did you see arianna today?

Arianna? She’s gorgeous omg
by Hardhearts July 19, 2018
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A freaking epic girl who deserves more than she has. is really pretty and exotic looking. lives life to the max. and is the best friend someone could ask for. she doesnt take shit from anyone and can stand up for herself and the ones she cares for.
Arianna makes falling off a skateboard epic.
by KelMoc911 April 2, 2010
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A girl who has faced a lot in life. She is stronger than anyone can imagine. She's been there and done that. A girl who cares for everyone else but has no one to care for her.
Man that Arianna is AMAYZING .
by Deeyah November 11, 2008
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